parrot and fingers

by steve
(las vegas)

i have an 8 month old alexandrine, hes healthy, and active and very freienly, i can pick him up anytime with my fingers and he eats out of my hands, my question is he wont let me pet him wiht my fingers, he makes noise and tries to bite, i can use my nose up and down his back and he likes that and its just the fingers he gets upset about , i find it strange since he will take food from my fingers, anyway is there anyway to work with him to let me touch him with my hand or will he always be like this thanks

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Nov 30, 2011
parrot and fingers
by: Linda

There are some species of birds who do not like to be petted much if at all. Yours is one, and the Amazons are another.

Respect his wishes in the matter. Also keep your nose off your bird as noses have many types of germs and bacteria which will be transferred directly to your bird when he preens himself. These bacteria and germs will make him very sick.

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