Parrot attack owner

by sharon

My yellow nape Amazon was always peaceful for six years; this year he's been very aggressive; three times lunging into my blonde hair, getting stuck in my hair; lunging at me when I move him. Tonite he bit my nose piercing my nostril. He has always been MY bird. Now I wonder. What's going on?

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Feb 09, 2012
Amazon attacking
by: Tracie

This happens with some Amazon parrots. Jonie Doss, not sure of the spelling, used to train Amazon parrots for shows. She was severely attacked by her parrot. I think she could not handle that Amazon for a year or more, until it got through the hormonal stage.

You may just have to spend time with the bird every day, with you outside the cage and the bird inside the cage. You can still talk sweetly, feed treats through the bars etc.

You might look at some of our parrot training materials on our Parrot Training page to re-establish the relationship if you need help with that. We also have some books on caring for birds and DVD's that may help you with understanding the bird's body language so you can avoid getting attacked.

Feb 09, 2012
Parrot attack owner
by: Linda

Six years old is about the age of sexual maturity, and your bird is probably temporarily hormonal and will come back to earth in a bit.

Do not put your face close to this bird so you can avoid attacks. I also strongly recommend you take him/her to an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area because sudden changes in behavior also indicate illness. Find an Avian Vet

All parrots are exotic wild animals and all of them can and do attack from time to time. Take proper precautions when handling any parrot which is to keep them off shoulders and do not get face too close to them either. Simple safety precautions will help you better deal with what is now and always will be a wild animal at heart. Parrots are not domesticated and probably never will be. Their behaviors reflect who they are which are exotic wild creatures, and people need to understand this about them to be safe.

So, a trip to Avian Vet has to be done to make sure this is not the result of sickness. After than it is just waiting this out and taking proper safety precautions.


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