parrot attacking

by jen

why did my blue headed pionis parrot attack a visitor to the house, when he never did it before?

they are doing some constuction to upper level of home is this why he attacked the person? is the noise effecting him?

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Aug 10, 2010
parrot attacking
by: Linda

Yes, the noise is making him crazy, and it would be very good if you can board him out until all the work is done including any painting.

If they are going to paint, your bird, cats and dogs will sicken and die unless removed from your home for up to a month. The bird will have to stay away until the paint has dried and gassed out, so you would start counting the time AFTER the last wall is done.This would be true for a cat as well, though dogs do a little better after a week out of the home.

PLEASE make no mistake, Latex paint IS TOXIC as long as it is wet and not gassed out properly. It is toxic for humans, dogs, cats, birds and fish, so make sure all pets are removed from home if the workers are going to use any paint or glue or any other noxious and toxic products. Remember to NOT bring bird back into home for up to a month after the last painting is done. This information is factual, and came from our own Avian Vet, so do not delay finding a place to board your bird and/or cats for the duration. The bird will become worse and worse as the noise continues, so you may want to go ahead and get him out for duration of work and painting. The dust can cause a variety of upper respiratory infections including pneumonia, so better safe than sorry.

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