parrot behavior and interaction

I have recently started working in a place that has a amazon green parrot and a love bird. They seem healthy if a little bored. They both bite and can not be handled.

I would like a little more info so I can interact with them or know if how I approach them is okay. Also if I can give them small treats of fruit or veggies safely.

The parrot shivers when I talk to him or just stares. Sometimes he sways a bit. What does that mean? The love bird started whistling a few notes when he heard me whistling a tune which I do often. I also sing. Please give me some way to read their behavior. Thanks

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Dec 01, 2011
parrot behavior and interaction
by: Linda

The larger bird is sick, and you need to tell the manager bird is sick and needs to be seen by an Avian Vet only. If manager refuses to do this, then you can anonymously call a local humane society or SPCA and report this bird appears to be sick and is being refused treatment. This is against the law everywhere in the US.

No one will know it's you that made the call as a sick bird is obvious to anyone who knows anything about birds, and this would include many customers. I can spot a sick bird quickly when I go in a pet store that has birds, so please do what you can to this bird. Who knows you may even gain custody of him after he's taken away and treated for his illness. Do the right thing for the bird, and even if your manager suspects it's you who called, there is nothing he can do including firing you. If you get fired over doing the right thing, that is a law suit right there for you to take advantage of.

Many attorneys take on cases like this with NO money upfront and take their fees out of any settlements.

Again, stand up for this bird and any others you notice are acting listless, off their feed, have stool stuck to their feathers in the anal area. Runny noses and eyes are also sick birds. These are all signs of illness, and store owners are obligated to have them diagnosed and treated. There are a few parrot diseases that are communicable to humans, so do not wait on taking action here.

Thank You For Writing,
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