Parrot Behavior

by RJ
(Memphis, TN)

My blue fronted amazon raises its tail and backs into a corner at times. At first I thought it was nervous but it actually does it as well when it is content and relaxed. The amazon will make a purring/cooing sound when doing this. Normal? About to lay an egg and keeping her backside warm?

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Jan 13, 2012
cooing and clucking sounds
by: Chris Haydel

I am by far not a professional on birds, but I have read much on this matter and simply could not pass putting my 2 cents in regarding this issue.

The cooing and clucking is the bird taking care of its natural breeding tendencies. I have read where some people take away a toy when a bird begins this type of action with toys, or whatever. Unless it is obvious that it hurts the bird, I feel that we should not subject our, sometimes, puritanical issues on a bird who is doing what comes naturally, after all this action has truly kept the species alive.

We have taken them out of the wild, we keep them in cages and we remove their objects of affection. I plead with you to allow them this basic curtesy.

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