Parrot biting leg

by chantell
(welkom South-Africa)

my parrot got his leg caught in a piece of wool it cut through his flesh i took him to my vet he gave me antibiotics and antibiotic ointment also gave him an injection for shock now everytime i put on the ointment he keeps biting his leg and the leg is looking worse by the day, what can i do we did not cover it with bandage because my vet says he will just bite it of , now he is biting his leg, please help???

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Jun 14, 2010
Parrot biting leg
by: Anonymous

thank u so much for the replies my heart broke into pieces when i saw him hurtin himself like that, i did put a double collar on lol which he is still biting the collar but doesnt seem to be getting to his leg, i felt so sorry for my poor bird. its four days now and the leg is looking much better he even got his groove back and whistles like a parrot should, i am planning to take of the bandage in 4 days hope he is okay and i also put some bactroban on which seems to be helping real quick. thanx alot. greetings Chantell

Jun 09, 2010
Parrot biting leg
by: Linda

As Tracie said, he will need to be fitted with an Elizabethan collar, and most birds don't like them. You may also have to rearrange food and water cups because he will need to be able to put his head down with the collar covering the dishes so he can eat and drink. If he already has large cups, that is good, but if they are right up against side of cage, you'll probably need to move them into the bottom of cage for a while. He just has to be able to bend over and cover the bowls with the collar to be able to eat and drink. If you have some heavier crocks that are also larger, those would work. Any kind of heavier and larger dishes would work unless they are lightweight plastic, and then those will end up turned over ALL the time.

The collar is the only way to get him to leave his wound alone long enough for it to heal, and so take him back to vet and discuss problem with him and have him fitted for a collar. Hopefully, he'll start to heal and get over this terrible ordeal. Be sure to keep collar on even after it starts to scab over, because it will begin to itch which will make him want to bite it again. So sorry both of you are having to go through this. Let us know how everything goes.


Jun 08, 2010
Parrot biting hurt leg
by: Tracie

Oh, poor thing. I don't think there is anything you can do, but call your vet. Your vet may give you a collar to put on the bird that will keep the bird from being able to reach his leg. It is sad and uncomfortable, but it may be the only way to keep the bird from doing this.

Let us know what the vet does, maybe we can all learn from this.

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