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Jul 20, 2009
Biting parrot
by: Tracie

Most all parrots bite, but you can be trained to help them not bite you and others. ;-)

We have a few articles that might help you on our Parrot Training page. I hope these articles will help you recognize what is making your parrot unhappy.

Besides finding out what is bothering your parrot, these articles touch on the fact that you can train them to replace the biting with a positive action.

First make sure that you do not allow the parrot to show his/her disapproval of things it does not like. Parrots are not robots that we can "make" do what we want. They have feelings and desires just like us and get upset when we do not show them respect. Earn their respect and you can train them to do things both for their happiness and yours.

Jul 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

Maybe your parrot needs to build trust in you. My quaker Jade was like a wild beast until I gained her trust. Now she is all lovey dovey. Spend a lot of time talking and winning her over. Offer treats by hand so your presence is associated with good things. Always go at their speed and their pace. To try and push a relationship ahead of time will just cause more biting and frustration on both sides.
You don't say if your parrot is young or older. Sometimes older birds have trust issues due to treatment in a previous home. If thats the case, it may take more time to win her over.
I have a baby sun / jenday conure who is very bitey. She is just a baby, 3 months, and is like a puppy testing me and how much I will put up with. When she gets too bad, I give her a short time out in her cage.
And lastly remember parrots are not considered domesticated like dogs and cats. Even the most bonded parrot will bite on occasion due to fear, frustration, of who knows why. With a little time and patience, I 'm sure you can develope a relationship with your bird that is calmer and less aggressive.

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