parrot boy or girl

by Zara clarkson

how do u know if a African grey parrot is a boy or a girl?

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Dec 27, 2013
Parrot boy or girl
by: Z

Greys don't typically have identified markings for male or female. You would have to take your bird back to the aviary where purchased or to an avian vet.

There they would clip their nail to give off a bit of blood and swipe it on a card and send it out for DNA testing. In about a weeks time, you would have your answer.

Some people think you can tell but the coloring under the red tail. If it's red feathers are tipped gray in color then it's most likely female. White tipping typically male.

However this isn't 100%. DNA testing throughout nail clipping is the cheapest, least traumatic way of finding out.

Test runs about $35.

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