parrot breeding

by Christina Stephens
(USA, Junction City, Oregon)

I have two parrots, living in a cage, and i wanted to know what we have to do for them to breed when they want to, because i just figured out that my parrots are male and female, by looking at your parrot site. BUT I DON'T WANT TO FORCE BREED THEM,(but i do want baby parrots).

so maybe you can help me.


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Jan 12, 2009
parrot breeding
by: Tracie

I can not stress enough that breeding parrots is not something to do casually. There are soooo many things that can go wrong and you could lose your bird and/or babies.

You might end up having to feed babies for weeks every few hours because the parents don't take care of them or even may attack the babies.

Please, call some breeders of the species you have and not only talk to them about becoming a breeder, but find one that you can help out for a few months.

Practice feeding babies, find out first hand about the responsibility you will be taking on.

Also, consider that there are so many unwanted birds being re-homed every day. Some just sit in shelters waiting to be adopted. Unless you feel you are really supposed to be a breeder, please do not breed your birds.

Sorry, not exactly the answer you were hoping for.

If you do end up breeding your birds, then make sure they are on a high quality pellet diet like Harrison's to help prevent egg binding, that can be fatal to your bird.

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