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How many years do they live for?

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Dec 27, 2007
How long do Conures live?
by: Tracie

Some Conures will live 25 years or more, depending on the species of Conure, the overall genetics of your bird, what chemicals it eats every day in it's food (Most pellets and seed mixes have chemicals and most of our food does too.) and what other dangers if is exposed to.

You can make a good attempt to prolong your bird's life by:

1) Feeding organic pellets and seeds
2) Feeding organic food as much as possible
3) Not using chemicals for cleaning or freshening the air in your bird room
4) Not allowing your bird near a door that goes outside where it can escape.
5) Protecting your bird from predators, both animal and humans that will harm your bird.
6) Don't cook or iron clothing with Teflon or use the self cleaning oven cycle on your oven.
7) Read the Non Toxic/Toxic list for more ideas.

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