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May 31, 2012
Parrot crying
by: Linda

Whatever you do please do not feed your parrot cheese or any other dairy products as these are not digested properly by birds since they are not supposed to have dairy.Basic rule of thumb is FEED NO HUMAN FOOD and feed only highly nutritious foods made for parrots and other birds.

If your bird requires handfeeding one or two times a day, you'll need to find baby parrot handfeeding formula, and you can look at some here. It is fed with a syringe or spoon, and newly weaned birds who are moved will almost always revert back to needing at least one or two feedings a day. The insecurity of being moved takes them back to needing handfeeding to combat the stress of a new, scary environment and people.

As the other writer mentioned, people are weaning baby parrots of all species too young which not only damages them physically but also leaves emotional scars that last for a lifetime. The larger the bird, the longer the handfeeding time. Conures and similar sized should not even begin the weaning process until 3-4 months, Amazons and similar sized 4-6 months, larger birds like Macaws, Cockatoos should not start weaning process before 6 months all the way to 9 months. Wild Macaw and Too mothers feed their babies for up to a year while teaching them to forage(wean), so always try to follow nature's way when it comes to exotic wild animals like parrots.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who are breeding birds today need to find another way to make money. Making money on selling babies too young is barbaric, and these people do not care about the birds they are breeding only how fast they can get money for them. Fact is, lots of these babies die after being moved into inexperienced people's homes. Breeders and pet stores are responsible for giving information to potential buyers which means not selling really young birds to people who do not know what to expect. I had my own bird store years ago, and part of the selling process is education. If a breeder or pet store is unwilling to spend time with you to answer some of your questions, move onto a place or people who will. Teaching is part of the process that helps the birds to be safe and well cared for in a new home.


May 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

First of all you do need to define crying. We're unsure if you actually mean crying or screaming.

Now if it is crying, how old is your bird? If it's only just weaned, very young & in a new home (with you) then its possible the bird hasn't been weaned properly and requires a feeding each night and/or the bird is fully weaned, has been 'forced' weaned to young and as a result is very insecure, therefor crying. This is a very unfortunate problem that is recurring a bit too much these days. If your bird is young, new, only just weaned (any of the above) then contact your seller and ask for advice on his weaning, age & formula. You may need to give him the nightly feed again.

If this isn't the case then you explanation is a bit vague. If it's screaming we can't solve this here because we don't have enough information on your bird crying (or screaming). So more thorough info will certainly help us :)

And if you're able to find a avian vet in the Philippines & take your bird for a check up. I'm not sure where abouts you are but try & find an avian vet, if you can't a vet familiar with birds may be helpful to you.

You also haven't mentioned what species your parrot is.

May 30, 2012
Definition of CRYING
by: Anonymous

I think that it would be good to define what you mean by crying......sometimes I say that mine cries but really what I want to say is that he complains.....for example, when I take cheese out, he "cries" for cheese...every 3-4's the cutest thing...meaning "give me some, give me some"......what do you mean by CRYING?

May 30, 2012
bird "crying"
by: Tracie

Only your avian vet can determine why your bird is showing signs of pain or hurt. You will need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be.

If you are really meaning the bird calls out all the time, still take the bird to an avian vet to make sure it is not trying to communicate that something inside it's body is not right. It is not normal for a bird to call out constantly, as you are indicating.

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