Parrot destroying its feathers

by Nancy
(kanpur,uttar pradesh,India)

Sir..I am having an Indian Ringneck Parrot. It is 1 year old now.We brought her in feburary. She was having some white furs on her body.After 2-3 months it started chewing her feathers. I was confused whether it was molting.
BUT FROM ONE MONTH SHE IS CONTINUOUS ITCHING HER FRONT BODY, CHEST AND WINGS.NOW CONDITION IS BEING WORSED.MANY SMALL WHITE curly FURS ARE ALL OVER HER FRONT BODY AND CHEST.I can see her skin easily.I applied dilluted detol.I GAVE HER NEEM BAATH TODAY.And also placed some fresh neem leaves in her cage and gave a little neem water to her.I am giving her corn,apples,cashew,almond .IT ALSO HAVE A SMALL BALD PATCH ON HEAD.She has blue colour around her eyes.I SERIOUSLY WANT HELP.I CANT SEE HER LIKE THIS ANYMORE..

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Sep 12, 2013
IRN destroying feathers
by: Tracie

I am not familiar with giving a neem bath, make sure this is acceptable to your avian vet. There are many things we do and don't do here in the USA that is different than other countries.

You need to find an avian vet for your bird, because it may have an infection, disease or an allergy. For sure I would discontinue the corn, because your bird may be having a reaction to corn.

There are so many factors to look at when issues like this arise. If the food you feed your bird has been sprayed with chemicals or fed chemicals while growing, that can be causing a problem.

Please read this Feather Damaging Behavior article even though it doesn't sound like your bird is plucking. (Birds can't pluck the top of their head.) You can still get some ideas as to why birds have feather issues.

Visit our Find an Avian Vet page to find an avian vet if you don't already have one.

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