Parrot Eggs

by Alex Lemus
(San Jose Ca)

My Parrot just laid an egg, she hasn't had any contact with a male , will it hatch? will she keep laying eggs?

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Aug 23, 2013
Bird started laying eggs
by: Tracie

No, the egg will not hatch. If the bird does not show an interest, then remove the egg. If the bird does show an interest in sitting on the egg, then leave it as long as it doesn't have a crack in it.

Hopefully your bird is eating 80% high quality pellets, so that it doesn't become egg bound if it continues to lay eggs. Birds lacking the proper nutrition often become egg bound and if you don't get your bird to an avian vet right away they die.

If you, or anyone else who finds this on the Internet, needs help switching to pellets then use this link. Switching Birds To Pellets article

Even though your bird is not a chronic egg layer, this article may be helpful. Chronic Egg Laying

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