parrot fighting

by Nayem
(Dhaka. Bangladesh)

my female parrot fight with male one at day. but at night they make love with each other. why this change of behavior at day???

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Apr 16, 2013
parrot fighting
by: Linda

It would be a very good idea to separate your birds into two cages. When birds fight, it usually means they are not compatible. It can also mean you do not have your cage set up correctly. Both birds have to have food and water cups, because trying to eat out of the same cup causes many fights some of which are fatal for one of the birds while the other one is badly injured.

You need a cage with food and water cups for each bird preferably on opposite sides of the cage. If you have two birds in a cage that is too small, you will not be able to do this, so you will need to move into a much larger cage with the swivel out cups on each side.

So, if you can't get the right size and type of cage, get another smaller one and move one of the birds into it before you lose one to an attack. What they are doing at night is getting ready for sleeping not making love. Parrots do not make love, they exhibit breeding behaviors. They are birds, not humans and so do not make love or any other abstract human stuff. They only breed to keep their species alive and have no hidden reasons for this except survival of the species. This is true of all birds and animals as they do not have capability for thinking abstract thoughts. Only humans can do that and look at the mess we have made of everything! The animals and birds are much smarter than we are and much can be learned from studying them.

Thanks for writing,

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