Parrot freaked out at painted nails?

by Sue

i have a 6 yr old goffin cockatoo who is my baby and very affectionate. i decided to get a manicure and got the french manicure with the white tips. i have always had my own nails and painted them red. when i came home and went to get him out his cage he freaked out on me and flew out the cage and i had to chase him around the house to pick him up and he was biting me, (he never does this).

do you think he is frightend by the color of the nails? i have now painted them a reddish color and he is starting to act a little more normal. WHATS UP WITH THIS? IS IT POSSIBLE HE DOES NOT LIKE THE NAILS WITH THE WHITE TIPS? I find it funny and disturbing at the same time, what do i do???? thanks

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Mar 21, 2012
Painted Nails.
by: Anonymous

Getting your nails done is great. You need "you time".

However if this bothers the bird, dont try to keep picking him up.

Here's my suggestion. Try to introduce your bird to one new thing per day. Make sure it's not toxic however. Doesnt matter what it is, just introduce new things, new colors... let him play with it. Let him see it's okay.

Never force it, just offer it. You might have to introduce an item more then once before the bird will try to interact with it... thats okay. Take your time, dont stress the bird.

This will prevent your bird from being phobic or getting phobic. And not freaking out over something silly like what color your nails are.

Good luck!

Mar 21, 2012
Halloween and masquerating is not fun for birds

Wear a cap on your head around your bird, when he is not used to it,iIt will most definitely get his attention. Put a bandaid on any finger and try to get him on your hand. All of this is CHANGE and they need time to get used to change.

Yes, he could have easily be thinking that the white on your nails were bugs that could have hurt him. So he was protecting himself against the unknown.

I appreciate the humor you see in this, but in all honesty it is at your bird's emotional expense.

This has been a good lesson for you to learn
Re: How birds notice every little thing. You might want to recall when you might have done similar things in the past that might have caused him to react in the same way, but perhaps not to the same degree.

Stay conscious of this fact. Please. And, my hat off to you for redoing your nails. ch

Mar 21, 2012
Painted nails
by: Anonymous

I know it sounds funny but my parrot acted the same way. I always paint my nails with a light, natural looking polish (similar to French. In the fall I tried a dark burgundy polish and boy, did he freak out! He got used to it for the length of the manicure but I went back to my usual polish after that. I also have a shirt that's trimmed in lace and I try not to wear it too much because he really freaks out when he sees it. Anytime there's even a subtle change in their surroundings, some birds don't like it and we as humans never know what that's going to be.

Mar 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

They can freak out over the silliest & smallest things, including your recent change of nails. There isn't a lot you can do except try to show off your nails from a safe distance & let him get used to them. He may or may not accept them over time. If he doesn't you will have to do without the french manicures.

Mar 20, 2012
Parrot freaked out at painted nails?
by: Linda

Parrots are very sensitive to any and all changes we may do to outselves including different clothing. This is normal, and he will adjust in time.

My main concern here is that you are "doing your nails" around him. Nail polish and remover are high toxic to the extreme, and if it does not kill them, it makes them sick and can cause them to act crazy from chemical poisoning.

If you are doing nails in the house and around him, know that you are causing brain damage not to mention organ damage. In a larger bird, it take a while to kill them, and if it does not kill them, it is damaging them beyond repair.

Also use no "under pressure" spray cans around birds and this includes hair spray, cooking products or household cleaning products. Birds are killed everyday from using these products in the house.This would include any air deoderizers includign those plugged into sockets or sitting on a counter spraying poison into the room. I know the commercials always show pets around these products, and know that the manufacturers do not really care about our children or pets or us. They just want to sell their horrible products to the unsuspecting public.

So your bird's crazy actions may be a combination of nails being different and you using toxic chemicals around him. Please do your nails outside on the porch so he is safe.Thanks very much for writing so you can now understand what all this is doing to your bird.


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