Parrot Frightened By Only My Hand

by Ann
(United States)

I never did anything bad to my parrot, he is around 4 years old and is a Meyers Parrot. We actually dont know the gender for sure, but we call him a he. We got him 2 months ago and he loved me. I could pet him and kiss him and he would look so happy. Well, he was put in a family members room and became too attached to that person and hated everyone else. He was then moved to mine so he could learn to no longer screech at other people in the house. After a while, he was fine. I could pet him as I did before, with no problems. We let the person who he was over attached to be with him again, and then after a while I dont know what happened. He makes a dog-like repetitive whimpery screechy sound if I approach him, but gets over it fast. I stick my hand out and he automatically steps up. I can give him kisses and talk to him and he's fine, but as soon as I move my other hand an inch toward him(sometimes if ai move it at all) he screeches and jumps off my finger and flies away. He accepts food from me and everything, I just can't get my hands by themselves near him without making him step up. Sometimes, he lets me do whatever I want at random times and he's fine with it. But then an hour later its like someone flipped a switch and he is scared of my hand. I did notice that the over attached family member is starting to mess with him constantly, so I'm not sure if this is just history repeating itself. The only thing that ia different is that he only doesn't like me, but tolerates everyone else.

This is getting very annoying, I've tried many things but I can't seem to make him get over it.
I don't get to spend much time with him like everyone else, since I am busy with stuff. Whenever I try to spetime with him he flies away. I'm not sure how to proceed from herend . Sorry for spelling errors, I'm typing from a phone.

Any advice is appreciated. I just don't know what to do.
Also, he isn't a rescue parrot as far as I know, we just got him from a pet store. I think he is a little sick right now, so he might just be a little crabby? (We already took him to the vet and he got medicine, but he didn't seem to get any better or worse, we will be taking him back to the vet soon)

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Mar 22, 2013
He's a little better now...
by: Ann

We waited a little longer because he seemed to be getting better. He was, and is fine now. We did take him to an avian vet by the way.

He's still a little crazy about my hand, lately I've been trying to set aside time for him, but, it doesn't help that the person who he is too attached to won't leave him alone and let me spend my time with him, haha...

I've been able to pet him more often, and he's beginning to approach me on his own when walking around (he used to just stare at me all confused) But it seems he's found another family member to be exceptionally onry with.

One day, he flew up to my mom and acted all friendly, but started to bite her angrily for no reason. Now, whenever she nears him, he spreads apart his wings a bit and fluffs up, making odd distorted hissing sounds. Obviously, he's warning her, but now she doesn't trust him at all, and he doesn't seem to tolerate her presence.

He was never this bad with me, I wonder what set him off? She'd been nothing but kind to him.

Dec 14, 2012
Parrot frightened by hands
by: Tracie

You might find some help with the articles at this Parrot Training page link.

Move slow both physically and time wise. Give the bird time to discover it can trust you and your hands.

Dec 13, 2012
Parrot Frightened By Only My Hand
by: Linda

Unless you took him to an Avian Vet who can correctly diagnose and treat him, he will remain sick. A sick bird will die if not diagnosed and treated correctly. Dog and cat vets are not even licensed to look at a bird much less treat it.

So if you did not take him to avian vet, he will remain sick. If you did take him to avian vet, it takes time for meds to work. Give avian vet a call about this. Your bird will remain crabby until he is well, and he does not need to be handled so much either. Sick birds tire easily and are under constant stress which tends to make them sicker.

Let us know what Avian Vet had to say about your bird and have him checked for both bacterial and viral infections.

Once he is well, you may see a change for the better. Trying to make a sick bird behave like a healthy one is a losing battle mostly for the bird.


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