parrot gender findings

by danyell
(gansevoort, ny)

my parrot is 32 years old. we have never had it sexed due to its hatred towards men. how do i tell if it is female or male? it shreds paper and is very fond of women sometimes throwing up and making gurgling noises while laying beak down and tail up.

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Jun 26, 2012
Parrot gender findings.
by: Anonymous

I agree with Linda, your bird is showing female behavior.

If it's important for you to know if you have a male or female, a quick DNA test can be done.

My Grey was sexed at the time of purchase from the bird shop / Aviary I purchased her from.

They do a small nail clipping to make the bird's nail bleeds just slightly, and they dab it on a card, which is sent off for sexing.

Results take about a wk to 2 wks. My bird was not taken to an avian vet for this; However, she was taken to an avian vet a wk after purchase, just to ensure her overall health.

The sexing cost me $35. So it's not too much.
I originally wanted a male grey, but ended up with a female. Who is absolutely brilliant. She just had her first Hatchday (birthday) this wk.

She does 5 tricks and says over 50 words/phrases currently as she's worked with daily. More time to spend with your bird, the smarter, less phobic, and well socialized they are. My grey is imprinted on me, and I'm a female too, but she lets anyone pick her up, love on her and play with her.

If you've made it this far (32 yrs) with your bird, I dont think sexing is really important, other than to know out of curiosity.


Jun 26, 2012
parrot gender findings
by: Linda

Well, with a bird 32 years old, I don't know that it really matters what sex it is. However, the behavior you described is female behavior. Male mating behavior is standing tall on the perch, becoming rigid with tail feather spread some while it struts back and forth as if to say, "Look at what a goodlooking HUNK I AM!" Females normally get into a down position with their rear ends up as a signal they are ready for mating.

The reason she may hate men may be that she was abused by a man. It can also mean she was handfed by a woman, and birds imprint on the sex of the handfeeder which is why it's good to have both male and female feeders of baby parrots. The fact she is showing mating behavior toward women means she is heavily imprinted on female humans and does not understand men or was abused by one.

Abuse can be in the form of neglect, being yelled at every time the bird makes a noise, or actually being hit with hands and objects or being thrown against walls and such. I know that sounds horrible, and it is happening on an enormous scale now that markets are flooded with birds who should not have been born in the first place.

The more of something there is and the cheaper it is, the more abuse will be seen among them. Parrots are right up there with poor dogs and cats and other pets. There is a lack of respect for life found in many humans, and this is exhibited toward their children, pets and other people in general.

So, it sounds like your bird is a somewhat confused female. To know for sure will take a DNA test, and Avian Vet can take a small blood sample and send off to lab if you want to be completely sure.


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