Parrot Gender

by john

How to know the gender of a green parrot?

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Aug 25, 2011
quacker parrot
by: barbara ewing

I have a quacker parrot and here lately he has become a biter. I don't understand for I have taken him out of his cage and loved on him. Taken him in other rooms of the house. But we have moved 3 times since we have gotten him. He was just a baby when we got him. I hand fed him way up til he could eat on his on. But now he has become aggressive towards me. I don't understand can someone out there tell me the reason for this. Is it because he has become an ault or am I doin something to have caused this. Please someone help me to understand this.

Thank you very much, Barbara

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Jul 12, 2011
Determining parrot gender
by: Tracie

Lot's of parrots are green. For most parrots, you need to have a DNA test done to determine the gender.

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