parrot help

by justin

i iam going to buy a african grey is a boy better than a girl or should i buy a girl african grey???

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Jan 11, 2010
parrot help
by: Linda

With the Greys, it is almost impossible to tell which is which in young birds. DNA testing of the blood would have to be done by an Avian Vet.

Both the male and female are good talkers and both are equally great as pets, so it does not matter. Name your bird something that could be either a male or female name like charlie, robin, ashley and so on.

You need to read books and other information about your bird and understand how to properly cage him, feed him, what kinds of perches are best and what kind of pelleted food is the best. Tracie has several organic pelleted diets out here, and this is the high quality diet your bird will need to be healthy for many years.

Also, be sure to take your new bird into an Avian Vet for an exam shortly after getting him as infections are common when birds are being moved around and into new, strange and scary places with strangers everywhere. Give him time to get used to you, your home and his new cage before doing too much with him other than letting him know you love him and letting him come out of cage as often as you can.Always watch him when he's out of his cage as birds can get into trouble without supervision.

Study is important, so get your materials and get busy understanding the wonderful world of parrots.


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