Parrot housing outdoors

by Brad
(Thibodaux La)

I live in south Louisiana I would like to own a parrot but I want to keep it out doors under a patio. Would it be ok.

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Aug 12, 2011
Keeping parrot outdoors
by: The Avian Vet

No. It is not safe out there. The temperature can also get too high in part of the year and too low in other parts.

Dr B

Aug 09, 2011
Parrot housing outdoors
by: Linda

No, it will not be okay outdoors on a patio year round. Birds kept outside have to be acclimated to it, and this could take as many as 3 years. The housing for this type of living is call an aviary, and it is large has to have electricity to it for winter, needs an outside/inside enclosure because bird will need to be inside during inclement weather and at night.

The othr factors with a bird outside is insects, other birds bringing all kinds of parasites and diseas to it and so forth. Predators are another grave concern, and a bird is defenseless against a rat or even a determined mouse. The kinds of diseases these animals will bring to a bird are too awful to go into.

Parrots are flock creatures which means they need a social setting with you and family. A bird left alone on a patio with little interaction with family will die of lonliness if disease if predation doesn't get it first. They become family members due to their uncanny ability to understand humans and other animals. They love, feel pain both physical and emotional, understand our motives sometimes before even we do. They have the emotional/mental development of roughly a 4-5 year old human child. Could you put a child on the patio alone regardless of what came its way?

Also, you have to be in driving distance of an Avian Vet, and this is a must with a bird. They, like humans and other animals get sick or injured and will at some time need medical services provided. For birds it's an Avian Vet only as they are the only vets licensed and trained to care for birds.

So, my suggestion--take it or leave it--is to find another kind of pet you can have indoors and make it a part of your family. All animals and birds are going to need high quality diets, large areas to get exercise in and the commitment of human caretakers to their health and well-being.

Please do not get a parrot under these circumstances. They are highly intelligent, extremely emotionl creatures who need a family and a safe place to live like a nice large cage with safe wood natural branch perches, high quality pelleted diets and avian vet care as needed. They also need their human caretakers to study and understand about them so the bird will fit the humans and the humans the bird.

Hope this answers your questions about getting a bird I have not meant to be cruel, uncaring or mean. I'm trying to help you with a decision that is far more important than I think you truly understand. You are showing a great of intelligence in asking questions about such an important venture as making a parrot a member of your family. You are appreciated for that.

Thanks very much for writing before getting a parrot, and I wish you the best of everything.


Aug 09, 2011
should be
by: Anonymous

To my understanding (I know someone in Louisiana) your climate is very much the same as where I live in Australia. It is common to have aviaries outside here with parrots. You just need to make sure they have shade as well as sun throughout the day. If it gets hot you will need to make sure your aviary is sheltered properly throughout the entire day, not just parts of it. Keep fresh water & what I also do is have soaked blankets over part of the aviary while it's at it's hottest & a retic attached to the top of the aviary so it can be turned on daily & they can keep cool. You add ice blocks to their water or food.

In winter shelter them from wind & rain but make sure they're not too covered so they are in shade for too long.

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