Parrot Information

All companion bird species have different instinctive behaviors.

This important parrot information will help you to know what you should expect from your feathered friends, and what they need to be happy. We have provided abundant information on different species that will deter many problem behaviors.

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Click on the species you would like to know more about and see the parrot's photo, read about their instinctive personality, and learn interesting facts and tips on how to care for them.

Once you click on a species below, you will find more specifics on different breeds and the different mutations often found.

African grey Conures Meyer's
Amazons Eclectus Parakeets
Brown Headed Hawk-headed Parrotlets
Budgie Jardine's Pionus
Caique Lorikeets Quaker
Cape / Un-Cape Lovebirds Red-Bellied
Cockatiel Macaws Senegal
Cockatoo Mini Macaws

Be sure to check out our Parrot Species Comparison Chart . If you are new to companion birds or wanting to add to your flock, you will want to see this chart.

To compare species, click here to view the Parrot Species Comparison Chart.

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