Parrot is grabbing our fingers and shaking it

My sister has a new parrot its friendly and does not bite but sometimes it will grab onto someones finger and shake not hard likes it trying to bite but i don't know what it means

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Dec 20, 2011
Parrot grabbing fingers
by: Anonymous

I have an African Grey Parrot. I have had him about 6 months and from the very first day he has taken my fingers in his beak. He doesn't bite hard just kind of squeezes and runs his tongue over them. It is true that sometimes it is a warning but not always. And it isn't always a sign of being sick, though I agree anytime you get a new bird it is a very good idea to take him for a well birdie checkup with an avian vet.

Dec 20, 2011
by: OP

Thanks for your help could not find any where that talked about this

Dec 19, 2011
Parrot is grabbing our fingers and shaking it
by: Linda

The bird is giving you a warning to leave it alone. If you do not listen to this warning, the bird will bite you and this can be a very serious injury.

All new birds need time to stop being afraid and become comfortable with their surroundings before fingers are poked at them.

All new birds need to be examined by an Avian Vet during the first few days they are in our homes becomes most have some kind of infection that can be diagnosed and treated only by an Avian Vet.

My suggestion is to have this bird examined by an Avian Vet right away because sick birds do not like being touched. What you see as "friendly" can be a sick bird who feels very bad. If you do not take him to an Avian Vet, he will die from an undiagnosed and untreated infection. In the meantime, keep your fingers to yourself or risk being attacked possibly severely.


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