Parrot is plucking its feathers out

Blues stomach

Blues stomach

Hello there my name is Oliver Stott,
I have an african grey, and i've had her for about 4 months now and Blue (my parrot) has been pulling her feathers out to an extent where she has been bleeding a little bit. What's strange is she is very energetic and vey happy still, she even shows signs of happiness and relaxation by puffing out her feathers ect...

When she pulls out her feathers we dont talk to her or try to stop her because as you know greys see it as a reward if we react to what she is doing.

How can we stop her from doing this. She comes out on her pearch every day, we hold her and take good care of her we talk to her and feed her with different varietys of food such as monkey nuts, grapes, banana, apple, seeds, and much more healthy food which couldnt be the cause of this surely.

Please help if you ucan i will upload some photos of her too and you shall see exactly what i mean.

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Apr 23, 2009
African grey plucking feathers
by: The Vet

To stop it, you need to know why she is dong it. First, she needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian so a diagnosis can be made. Then an appropriate treatment can be administered. From the picture, it appears this is a skin disease and not a behavioral plucking.

Please read the articles on birds chewing feathers on the Parrot Training page, that will also give you some guidance on feather plucking.

I want to emphasize that you should get your bird onto a better diet. What you are feeding is not complete and balanced. You need to geed her pellets as 80% of the diet, I recommend Harrison's. It works great to help with skin disease.

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