Parrot layed an egg

by Karan Vaid
(Lagos Nigeria)


I live in Lagos, Nigeria and dont have good vet help available here. I have a pair of African Parrots & the female just layed 1 egg five days ago in the cage. I put in lots of grass but it seems useless. I removed the male from the cage as i feared it would break or damage the egg. What should i do, should i put it back in the cage? Is there any thing i can do to help them?

Is it ok if the parrt has just layed 1 egg?

Please let me know.


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Jul 04, 2008
2 eggs
by: Anonymous

I have a 30 year old parrot and a week ago it layed 1 egg. I let her play with it, she build a nest with newspaper and lays on the egg. Two days ago it layed a second egg and has been nesting. Since there is not a male parrot, it is probable not fertile, but it is very happy and entertained with it.

May 26, 2008
by: Anonymous

Thanks. The female is sitting on the egg. Contacting breeders here isn't a option, they r absolutely useless.

thanks anyways

May 26, 2008
Parrot with egg
by: Tracie

I don't know if the female is sitting on the egg by what you wrote, but if she is sitting, then don't take it away from her. She will either hatch it, if it is fertile or grow tired of sitting and abandon the nest.

If the male is her mate and they get along, I would think he could stay with her. Every pair is different and I am NOT a breeder.

If I were you I would call some breeders in my area and get some opinions. You can at least call the breeder you purchased the bird from.

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