Parrot Laying Eggs Questions

Ask your parrot laying eggs questions here. We have many people who have asked questions to get help with their birds that lay eggs, so you might find your answer below.

If your parrot is eating a quality pellet diet, like Harrison's or Roudybush, then you will not have to worry about egg binding or other health problems when your bird is laying eggs.

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Parrot Egg Laying Questions

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Other parrot egg laying questions

Click below to see other parrot egg laying quesions asked by other visitors to this page...

Up to a week between egg lays? 
We have a bonded pair of greencheek a and are happy for them to breed. We were aware that the hen could lay every other day but she is almost a week between …

Quaker egg incubation time 
I have a quaker lay her first clutch of 5 eggs at about 2 days apart. The first egg hatched on the 24th day and the second on the morning of the 25th …

Egg laying 
Is it possible for my parrat to lay eggs without mating?

When will the eggs hatch? 
my blue crown conure has layed 4 eggs and it's been about 4 weeks now and he first one layed on Memorial Day may 25. So shouldn't have that one hatched …

My breeding jenday laid 2 eggs 29 days since last egg laid when will it hatch

Fertilization period 
How long before the egg is laid does fertilization have to occur? My Jenday conure is currently laying (she has laid one and I'm expecting 2-3 more eggs …

Egg laying 
Question. Yesterday I walked up on my yellow napes and he was definitely mating her and she was definitely letting him. How long does it take the female …

Pineapple conures egg laying 
Is it normal to lay only two eggs,there was one sunday morning two monday morning still two tuesday and still two wednesday,she looks ok and she doesn't …

16 and no egg 
My 16 year old Amazon has never laid and egg. Should I suspect she is a he?

jenday continues laying eggs in winter 
my 23 year old Jenday conure began laying eggs a year ago during the spring.she has spentt 22 years with her bestie ( female quaker parrot). she would …

my bird only layed one egg  
hello I have a male and a female sun conure. the female has layed her fist egg (1) I was wondering if it is normally to only have one egg and do you …

Change in behaviour 
Hi. I have 2 green cheek conures. Usually they will hope on to my finger and play but recently one of it has been avoiding me. It jumped into its food …

blue crown laying eggs 
I have a young(3) male Blue Crown and an older(10) female Blue Crown. I gave them a nesting box as the female was chewing up the house. I have seen them …

Cinnamon conure on eggs 
Hi my cinnamon pair have produced 4 eggs. The first was laid last Monday, the second Tuesday, third Wednesday & fourth Thursday there have been no more …

sun conure pair laying infertile eggs 
I have had my pair of DNA sunconures for 3 years , they lay a clutch of 3 eggs X 3 per season, but they are not fertile, am I doing something wrong.

parrot lays eggs without fertilization 
why my female parrot lays eggs even without mating with any male partner?

Infertiled eggs 
My 2 yr old sun concur laid 6 eggs total. She has not been mated, and only sits on 3. How long should I let her sit on them. This started about 3 weeks …

A 36 year old Conure laid an egg! 
Hello, My mother has a conure well over the age of 36+ years of age. She just laid 2 round eggs. A couple days apart from each other. Why would that happen …

Parrot laying unfertilized eggs 
Thought we had a male Yellow-naped Amazon. Last year HE laid 2 eggs, I took them away and that was that. This year she has 3 and is sitting on them. What …

egg laying not happened 
i have a 10 1/2 year old female yellow headed amazon wht hasnt she laid any eggs

Breeding question 
I have a proven pair of parrolets that I bought a few months ago and she started laying eggs about a week ago but my concern is she laid two within a couple …

Jenday Conure laying eggs 
Why is my Male Jenday Conure laying eggs?

30 yr old amazon laid her first egg three days ago, now no poop all night 
My 30 yr old yellownape laid her first egg on the bed a few days ago, it was bloody and she dripped a few drops of blood. my partner and I were horrified, …

Bird breathing heavy after egg laying 
i have a male and female lovebird. my female laid an egg about 2 -3 days ago and kicked it out of her nest and is in the bottom of the cage in the corner. …

Male Eclectus not fertilizing eggs 
Our female has laid several cluthches of eggs but none are fertile? Help please

Cockatiel Laying Eggs - swollen leg 
What does it mean if my cockiteal is laying eggs and her leg is swollen?

parrots and eggs 
how long does a parrots eggs hatch?.

Egg laid today 
I came home from work and Buddy my quaker laid an egg. She is 9 yrs old. I just got her from a rescue in Feb., so I don't know if this is a first for her. …

Egg laying 
My Green cheek conure is 11 years old and started laying eggs for the first time. She is not very big and has already laid 4 eggs and looks like she has …

Egg Laying 
My 14 year old Nanday Conure was laying eggs for about 2 months. She never came off the bottom of the cage after she stopped laying. After a month and …

my bird keep eatting it legs 
Do you know why my bird is keep eatting it right leg until it bleed? i have a 1 year old green quaker lately it keep trying to eat something near the right …

oils and egg binding 
Can you use caster oil or olive oil on a budgie that you think might or might not be egg bound?

Cockatiel eggs 
We are not positive with the results of candling the 5 cockatiel eggs which she laid. Her first egg was laid on Dec 29th, then the 31st, Jan.2, Jan4, …

Health of conure while laying eggs 
Last winter my conure laid 2 eggs. She was ok. She looks like laying eggs this year too but we can't understand what's wrong with her. When she wants to …

gestation period 
what's the gestation period for an eclectus parrot?

Cockatiel laying unfertilized eggs 
Hello What is the best diet to give to my cockatiels? They both have been laying unfertilized eggs. Is the liquid vitamins good to put in food? …

Egg Laying 
How do I stop my jenday conure from laying so many eggs? She's laid about 20 so far this year. She is my only pet and is not a breeder. This seems to …

Amazon parrot molting alot after laying eggs 
My 10 year old YellowNaped Parrot, DeauxDeaux, layed her 1st eggs(3 of them) in June. They were unfertilized, but the vet said to let her sit on them until …

when do green cheek conures become prenant 
my green cheek is almost 3 so i was wondering if it is a girl wen will eggs lay??

Egg laying 
Why would my 17 year old Sun Conure start laying eggs? She has done it about 3 times in the last year and a half - 3 eggs at a few days intervals each …

Egg laying Sun Conure 
Hi, I just recently became caretaker of a beautiful sun conure named Sunny. We got him 3 weeks ago and then Friday 07/18/2008 "he" layed an egg (it fell …

Lame cockatiel egg laying hen 
My female cockatiel is 11 years old, and started laying her first eggs about a year ago. She was very persistent despite our efforts to dissuade her from …

Sun Conure eggs 
How big are the eggs? I have a sun conure that had a large egg ~3" in circumference. I am not sure if she is distressed or if it is normal. She may have …

Can a pregnant lovebird travel? 
Hello, My wife and I were wondering if our pregnant lovebird can travel with us. We were planning to fly out the city for our 2nd wedding anniversary, …

Egg Laying 
I just adopted a Yellow Naped Amazon that I was told was a male bird. I have had it about three weeks and it has been around my other Amazon. In the same …

Excessive Egg Laying 
I have a female and male 7 year old Jenday Conures. Clutch mates..the female starting laying eggs last July. Layed #37 this morning. They wont nest them. …

25+ African Grey still sitting on eggs 
It has been over 3 wks now since Bertie surprised us by laying 3 eggs in quick succession. Have followed the vet's advice, careful to pet only head and …

infertile eggs 
I have a pr of african greys that are 11 & 12 yrs old.They have had 2 & 3 clutches a yr for me for the last 5 yrs.All of a sudden,the last 2 clutches of …

quivering and crying sounds 
My gcc layed unfertile eggs she is on her fifth egg and while she is nesting on them she shakes and makes wimpering noises. This is concerning me a lot. …

egg laying 
My Nanday Conure has been laying eggs during the summer for about 2 years. They all end up at the bottom of the flight cage broken. But this time she …

Sharing a nest. 
Have you ever heard of three green cheek conures sharing the same nest? My sister fell in love with my Green cheek conure and got two of her own. Then …

old girl???? 
Phoenix is 20 years old. I hand fed "him" from the time he was a small baby. He cuddled in my hair, crawled up and down my arms,ate breakfast with me, …

Egg Laying 
My Nanday is sitting in her food bowl like she laid an egg, but there is no egg there. Is she about to lay an egg, she doesnt have a mate.

Sun Conure laying un-fertilized eggs. 
What should I do about my sun-conure bird laying unfertilized eggs? What can be done to stop her from laying? She is 11-years old and she started to lay …

green cheek conure kicking eggs 
My female has laid 2 eggs. She and my other green cheek have mated. The female will go in the nest box to lay the eggs but she won't stop kicking them …

kicking eggs  
Is it a normal behavior for a 9 yr old yellow sided green cheek hen first time clutch to kick eggs in the nest box? She laid 2 eggs and by kicking around …

Parrot laid and egg 
My parrot laid and eggs what should I do? Will it hatch into a baby ? I have two parrots in a cage and I have seen them in action the last couple wks . …

my parrot dosent lay egg 
my parrot dosent lay egg give a trick that she will lay egg

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