Parrot laying unfertilized eggs

by Lorrie
(Monroeville,IN USA)

Thought we had a male Yellow-naped Amazon. Last year HE laid 2 eggs, I took them away and that was that. This year she has 3 and is sitting on them. What should I do? Jake or now Jackie is 18 years old and loves to chew boxes, Is that why she began to lay eggs? Not sure what to do to get her to stop, I want my Jake back!

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Jun 20, 2013
unfertilised eggs
by: Alex

Parrots can lay unfertilised eggs and this is not a problem.

If she is sitting on them, then leave her be.

When she has decided she no longer wishes to sit on them, then they should be removed.

The only tie you need to be worried, is if she breaks the eggs or tries to eat them on just keeps laying more and more as this will drain her of calcium.

Just leave her alone for the moment, until she is ready.

We cannot force our birds and have to do things on their terms.

The egg laying is nothing to worry about. Just wait for her to finish sitting on them before removing.

DO NOT try and force her in to anythung or hurry her up.

Side note: You are not the first or the last person who found out their bird was a different sex to the one they thought they had. So many bird owners find that out, including myself.

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