parrot natural foods

by ali aslam

i have a baby parrot his old 11 days, but i dont know what should i give him in food, im giving him custred powder liquid by droper half droper three time a day, plz tell me the good and health natural food for him which i can make for him

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Apr 08, 2010
parrot natural foods
by: Linda

Your baby bird has to be eating Baby Parrot handfeeding formula which can be found on this site. The feeding is done using syringes with the longer tips on them(not the needles, just the syringe). What you are doing is killing your bird, and he will not survivie much longer.

As Tracie said, either learn to handfeed him properly or take him back to the breeder or pet store where he was purchased. An 11 day old parrot should NEVER be sold to anyone not knowing how to handfeed it properly. He's getting no nutrition and is hanging onto life by a very thin thread right now.

If you can return him to breeder or store, do so. If not, then get some of the handfeeding formula and follow directions to the letter. You can find syringes either at the Avian vets or at a feed store somewhere. Baby parrots by 11 days are able to eat from a 10 or 20cc (mm) syringe. It depends on what kind of parrot this is as to how much per feeding. Baby Cockatiels eat one 10cc(mm) syringe of food 4-5 times a day. At this age, he needs to be eating that much food at least 4-5 times a day if not more.He needs to be fed until his little crop is full, but not over-filled. Also be very careful not to feed too quickly(give him time to swallow a little first) as this will result in him aspirating food into his lungs, and he will develope pneumonia and die.


Apr 08, 2010
Baby Birds need nourishment
by: Anonymous

Yes, you should take him back to the owner.
I recently handreared my first baby parrot on vetafarm pro-biotic powder mixture (which you mix with warm water (similar to making formula for babies), but he was 4 weeks old when received and pulled straight from the nest and given good feeds three times daily (certainly more than half a dropper). The breeder provided us with the pro-biotic powder mixture and a lesson on how to feed safely (not forcibly) with a bent up spoon and the baby just eats as much as it needs. When the crop if full you know it can't eat anymore.
Good luck if you can keep it, but definately go to the breeder and ask for their advice.

Apr 07, 2010
Food for 11 day old bird
by: Tracie

You need to take the bird back to the breeder. They should not have sold you a bird so young, especially since you do not know how to feed the bird and they were unwilling to make sure that you could keep the bird alive.

Please contact the breeder, and either return the bird or have them teach you how to feed the bird and assist you with where to buy feed etc. I do not know what is available in your country to give any advice. We feed 80% pellets and 20% seed to weaned birds, and I have not fed a baby to advise you.

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