parrot not making noise

by Reena
(Mumbai - India)

My parrot is a 2 mnth old baby with feathers grown on him....

All this while he used to make suttle noises while he was kept in the balcony or being feed ( smashed cooked dal and rice ) he is currently begu eating his meals alone and is also fed once in a day either by me or my dad outside his cage.

But since 2 days now though he is eating his meal, he aint making any noise.

Please help me... i am scared if he is loosing his voice...

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Jan 11, 2011
parrot not making noise
by: Linda

I'm sorry to tell you, but your bird is starving to death from the diet you are feeding him. You did not say what kind of bird he is, and the larger parrots like Greys, Amazons and Mini Macaws do not wean until three months of age.Weaning is a process, so birds have to be handfed during the weaning process. Until then they are fed a highly nutritious baby parrot handfeeding formula carried here. It is fed either with a small spoon with the edges turned up to look funnel like or with a syringe. The formula is powdered and a complete diet for baby parrots until they are old enough to be weaned onto organic pellets which are also found here.

What you are feeding is nothing more than carbohydrates and possibly a bit of protein but not enough to keep this bird alive. He also needs to be seen by an Avian Vet and there is a link on this site to help in finding one. First, start getting some real nutrition into him or you will lose him. Baby birds are growing very fast and need a lot more than rice to make healthy bones and muscle tissue.Once they are weaned, they need healthy, safe organic pellets as the mainstay of their diets.The pellets can be used as weaning food too. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.


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