parrot outdoor aviary?

by esther

Have a nearly 2 year old eclectus parrot and we are thinking of getting an outdoor aviary. however in sydney, australia it is winter and has been getting down to 0 degrees Celsius at night. will it be ok, and how to go about settling her in?

thank you so much :)

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Mar 17, 2015
@ mr me
by: Anonymous

hi, can you send pictures of your outdoor aviary? i would like some ideas

i have the same issue here in england, i need some tips.


Aug 20, 2014
Dont listen to Linda
by: Mr Me

It does NOT take 'several years' for exotic birds to get used to living outdoors.

It certainly does NOT cost $60,000 for an aviary (what planet are you living on woman?!)

I have a very high quality 5 x 4 metre aviary that cost $2000, thats with a roof, a huge indoor area and a huge outdoor area, fully insulated, double meshed, including installation/labour.

The concrete block under it cost $1000, so that works out about $3000 for a VERY high quality aviary - and I have friends who have built their own DIY jobs for a fraction of this price (as little as $1,500).

Jan 10, 2013
wow, Linda...
by: Ewa

Wow, Linda you seriously have no idea how we keep birds in Australia, and what is the weather here.
Native parrots (thousands of them) are not going to sleep "inside the house" and no heating is needed in the aviary. I study your posts and your knowledge about parrots is outstanding but leave the questions about Australia for someone who knows the Australian environment better than you.
One more thing - I decided to write it because as much as I appreciate reading your posts I think you are too opinionated and treat people like they hurt their pets intentionally.
Give some credit to people. You can make them realize they ignorance without calling them names.
All the best, Ewa

Aug 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

He'll be fine :))

You need to understand here in Australia (all over Australia) we DO keep parrots in outdoor aviaries, even in winter & have done so for years with massive success!!

Now, a parrots body temps is a lot higher than ours so they can cope a little better with the extremes of temps. What you need to do is have shelter in the aviary available so he can escape wind, drafts and predators.

Google Eclectus Parrots. Why? Because they're HUGE in Australia, from Perth, Sydney, QLD, Vic etc... so you find a great deal of people & info on them & this info will be coming from people who have indoor & outdoor eclectus. FB groups is another for eclectus parrots.

Good luck :)))

Aug 29, 2012
Setting outdoor aviary
by: Asif Arain

That's good to have a outdoor aviary as you wrote
There is o degree in night so it's not a wise to keep him outdoor in the night but for day it is fine to put him in cause he will fly perch to perch and a sun shining over him.

When you have set the aviary now go slowly by introducing to him by slowly put him inside for a short time like 10-15 minutes and watch how he takes it and gradually increase time of leaving in outdoor aviary that's the best way to make him comfortable in outdoor aviary
Good luck

Aug 28, 2012
parrot outdoor aviary?
by: Linda

First, you need to do some study on outdoor aviaries because they are terribly expensive and they have to be built and wired like small houses complete with drainage underneath the concrete floor that is fitted with a drain. The other issue is heating, and you must have supplementary heat and a closed room for sleeping.

The other issue you do not understand is you cannot just "put birds outside". They have to be acclimated over a several year period and then you will still have to provide inside heat and light. It is more complicated than most people realize, and you won't be able to even think about putting an exotic bird outside until you've done your study about design and what is needed and how to go about it. Normally birds are put outside in an aviary when weather is warmer, and heating still has to be provided for chilly nights. Then when weather cools off and nights are becoming chilly again, birds need to come back inside house. Each year, bird can be left a little longer in the outside aviary, but must be inside during winter.

So, outside aviaries have to be built not thrown together. Floors have to be concrete slanted toward the drain on all sides. Piping under concrete has to be done so water can drain away properly. Cage wire has to be stainless steel buried in a concrete curb, and double wire is rquired to keep rodents and snakes out. The outside wire flight area has to have a roof to keep birds from pooping all over your birds.Wire screening is needed during months when bugs are active to keep birds safe from them.

All in all, it would be better to keep your bird inside and put cage on a screened in porch area when weather is good.Cost of a well designed outside aviary is upwards of $60,000USD if you have someone do the work. If you do it, you're still going to spend lots of money on everything plus having an electrician do the wiring. Not worth it as far as I'm concerned.


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