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We are always looking for nice parrot photos and stories to post on our website. We believe your pictures and stories will help many people be able to choose the bird that is best for their home and will help keep birds from being re-homed.

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Please read the stories below, to better understand the species of bird you may wish to purchase.

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Green is the New Red! - Alexandrine Parakeets 
I am an amateur photographer and always look for opportunities to portray birds and their lives through images. On a beautiful, bright January morning, …

Birds overgrown beak splits 
Recently I visited my friend who has an eighteen year old Cockatiel named Misty and as usual before I left I said I’d like to say hello to Misty. My friend …

Sydney - Cockatoo 
We adopted Sydney 3 years ago...he is about 25 years old and a total joy....we have had our bouts, when he gets irritated he likes to bite me on my shoulder...sometimes …

My Orange-Winged Amazon is not alone anymore  
Hello Everyone, I was extremely sad after my dear little Koochie and Fran had passed. My Amazon also missed them very much and used to make noise everyday. …

Byrd, the Blue Headed Pionus 
I adopted Byrd a little over a year ago. She is six years old and I am her third home. Her last family said she bit them every time they tried to get …

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