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Oct 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Parrots, and a tiel is a parrot, need to trust their caregivers. Once you flicked his beak, you broke that trust. Physical punishment is NEVER a way to modify behaviors in parrots. Positive reinforcement only is the way to go. Maybe you can heal the breach of trust, maybe not. But please, no more beak flicking. It is a very sensitive area and it HURTS!!!!!!!
Just be kind and patient and offer hand fed treats and your tiel may come around. Good luck. And if you get bit again, you need to remember that parrots are not domesticated animals like dogs and cats, they are wild animals that we bring into our home and they retain their wild ways. All parrots bite, and all parrot owners will be bit. It just comes with the territory.

Oct 08, 2010
Parrot rejecting me
by: Linda

Vicki, it depends on how hard you "flicked" his beak on how long before he trusts you again. The "NO" would have been sufficient, and any kind of physical punishment is not only not necessary, but is cruelty since your bird is so small.

The other thing is that all parrots are exotic wild animals and will behave as such when they feel the urge. They are not domesticated and will never be domesticated regardless of how many are bred in captivity.

Continue to get your bird out of his cage as you've always done. You will need to use a small stick or perch to keep from getting bit. Just put in in cage, put to his lower chest and say up. Remember to give him room to be able to lift his legs to mount the perch. Talk softly to him, and let him know he is safe and loved with every move and he will begin to come back around to trusting you again. When a bird bites, we must remain calm, move gently into the bite to keep bird from holding on even tighter and keep ourselves under control as for physical punishments.

You are now in the process of earning his trust again, and it may take a while because he trusted you and then you used your physical strength against him, so it can take however long it takes. As for biting, sometimes birds do bite, and this includes ALL parrots not just yours.

If you have not taken him to an Avian Vet in over a year, then it is time to make sure he is not suffering from some kind of low-level infection or other physical problem. Behaviors out of a bird's normal range can sometimes point to an illness he is trying to keep hidden. Sick or injured birds in wild flocks are either killed or driven away because they bring predators, so our captive birds behave the same way when feeling bad and attempt to cover it up so you will not notice. So, please make an appointment and have Avian Vet check him for infection or parasites and have some routine bloodwork done to make sure his organs are functioning properly.

In future, please keep in mind that you can never use physical force when working with a bird because it hurts them and destroys whatever trust they had in you. It may have seemed like a small thing to you, and it was a much larger thing to your bird. This warning does not include when we have to towel them for toenail clips or other reasons like some kind of first aid. Even then, the object is to keep bird from hurting himself and others and not to hurt him. Keeping tempers under complete control is our job as humans working with any kind of animal or bird. Once temper is lost, so is the so fragile trust our pets have in us at least for a while. Birds are not like dogs who take beatings, starvation and are still willing to lick the doer's hands. Birds are not dogs or even cats and are wild animals through and through, so all is not forgiven as quickly or at all. Your little bird will come around when you begin to really understand who and what he is and show him you can be trusted.

Thanks for writing,

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