parrot ring

by martin

i have just bought a green winged macaw, but it has no ring...i have the hatching paper...does it need a ring?

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May 10, 2012
Parrot ring
by: Anonymous

The rings are there for breeders. If you're going to breed a bird, then this is to ensure that the birds arent being inbred.

Your bird doesnt need a ring unless you want to breed.

One of my birds she doesn't have a breeder ring. Which is fine, as I don't plan to breed her, bc I don't want the hassle.

I wouldnt worry about the ring.

May 09, 2012
Ankle ring for bird
by: Tracie

The ankle rings are for the breeder, for the most part, but there really is no way to know if the papers they gave you are for that bird or another bird if they don't match a ring. Unless you are planing on breeding the bird, it probably doesn't matter.

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