Parrot Shakka

by Joana

I got monday my parrot, he's 3 months, and when he was with his "old" owner, he ate very good, but now he doesn't, but he adapted very well to us allready.
Why isn't he eating and what can i do?

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Jul 29, 2009
by: Linda

Hi, you need to let us know what kind of parrot you have. The larger parrots do not wean from handfeeding formula at 3 months. Also, even parrots that are weaned will revert back to infantile(baby) behavior when moved to a new home and will require handfeeding baby parrot formula with a syringe or small spoon a couple times a day.

So, you need to let us know what kind of parrot you have, and he MUST eat as birds will die in a short period without food. Soak some pellets or seed mix in a little water and see if he will eat that. Be sure and remove any soaked food after two hours as it sours and will poison baby bird. Also offer a little fruit like bananas in small amounts to go along with the soaked food. Newly weaned baby birds sometimes do not know how to shell seeds and the pellets are too hard for them, so they just don't eat. NOT EATING IS NOT AN OPTION, SO SOAK SOME SEEDS AND PELLETS IN A LITTLE WATER--JUST LONG ENOUGH TO SOAK UP SOME OF THE WATER AND BE SOFT. Don't add too much water as this is also not good for baby.

Get in touch with who you got bird from and ask if they were handfeeding it. You may have to handfeed it some baby parrot formula which Tracie has out here a couple times a day for a while until he is eating enough food.

Your new baby could also have an infection, so please take him to an Avian vet in your area to be checked for infections and parasites.

Keep us posted, and please offer this baby food he will eat. If he is sick, he will not eat anything and will die, so take him to an Bird Vet soon as you can and go from there.If you don't understand any of what I say here, please write back so I can be more clear for you.


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