Parrot sleeping on floor instead of cage

by Pam
(Dover pa)

Why is my parrot sleeping on the floor & starting to cruse all over the house?

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Aug 10, 2011
Parrot sleeping on floor instead of cage
by: Linda

He is doing this because you are letting him do this. Keep him off the floor because I don't care how clean a house looks, the floors are harboring all kinds of dirt and bacteria. Birds do not need to even play in the floor much less sleep there.

When bedtime comes, and this should be no later than 9pm, put him in his cage and make sure cage is in a quiet place away from tv, radio, people talking and lights. Birds need around 12 hours of darkness in which to sleep and the same of daylight. You can use a small nightlite in case he wakes up and is frightened of something. We use the darkness activated ones that plug in and have a very pale light that is not enough to bother the sleeping birds.

If he does not like this arrangement, and he's likely not to, then you may have to cover him with a light colored sheet leaving a few inches at the bottom for air circulation, so a small sheet or tablecloth will work very well.

If cage is in an active location, it will have to be moved into a more quiet area for sleeping. Birds hate changes like moving their cage, so you may wish to have another cage set up in a quieter place where it is dark and quiet for his bedtime. You could put him in it for a while each day with special toys in it so he gets familiar with it and likes it.

Birds have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children. So keep this in mind when he wants to do something that is not good for him. YOU are the one making healthy choices and decisions for him, and he will go along if he senses a no nonsense attitude from you. In effect, you have spoiled him, and it is like working with spoiled human children. Keep your temper in check at all times and handle him with loving firmness, and he will go along with changes. There may be a few temper tantrums, and if not, I'd be surprised. Parrots like all other pets and human children need limits set, direction, and firmness tempered with kindness and understanding. This produces good birds, pets and human children who feel secure.

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