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Parrot Species Comparison Chart

We hope that this Parrot Species Comparison Chart will help you to choose a parrot that best suites your environment and desires. It is very important that you research parrot information before you buy a parrot or adopt a parrot.

Don't be anxious about your choice. Some of these parrots below on the Parrot Species Comparison Chart will out-live you! Carefully consider all the disadvantages and make sure they are not only acceptable now but will also be in the future. Compare parrots on the chart to narrow down your choices.

Remember that anything you read about different parrot species is subject to individual circumstances. There are instinctive behaviors that parrots have, but just like people, no two are alike. Much depends on how it is raised, the environment it lives in, the food it is fed, and who interacts with it, and how they interact with it.

If you have a parrot species that differs from the information listed on the Parrot Species Comparison Chart below, then please contact us and send me your information so that I can post it. The more information people have on individual owner’s experiences with different parrot species, the better equipped they will be to decide what parrot species is right for them.

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Parrot Species Comparison Chart

Parrot Species Noise Level Talking Cuddliness Avg.Life Avg.Size
African Grey Moderate Great Good 60 9 – 14”
Amazons: - - - - -
----Blue Front Loud Great Good 50 15”
----Dbl yellow-head Vocal Great Good 50 14”
----Lilac-crowned Loud Good Good 50 12”
----Red-lored Loud Great Good 50 13”
----Spectacled Loud Good Good 50 12”
----Yellow Naped Loud Great Good 50 15”
Brown Headed Low Fair Good 23 9”
Budgie Low Great (Male) Good 8 7 -10”
Caique Moderate Poor Great 30 9.5”
Cape / Un-Cape Moderate Good Great 40 13”
Cockatiels Moderate Fair (Male) Great 20 13”
Cockatoos Loud Fair Great 80 12 - 18”
Conures: - - - - -
----Blue Crown Vocal Great Good 25 16”
----Dusky Fair Poor Good 20 11”
----Half Moon Low Fair Good 15 9.5”
----Jenday Loud Poor Good 21 12”
----Sun Loud Poor Good 22 12”
----Gold Cap Fair Poor Good 23 11”
----Nanday Loud Fair Good 25 14”
----Green Cheeked Low Fair Good 15 10”
----Peach Front Low Fair Good 15 10”
----Orange Front Vocal Fair Good 15 9”
Eclectus Loud Good Fair 45 12 – 14”
Hawk-headed Moderate Fair Fair 30 12”
Jardine's Moderate Fair Fair 30 12”
Lorikeets: - - - - -
----Black-capped Loud Fair Fair 20 12”
----Blue Streaked Loud Fair Fair 20 11”
----Chattering Loud Fair/Good Fair 20 12”
----Green Naped Loud Fair Fair 20 10”
----Rainbow Loud Fair/Good Fair 20 10”
Lovebirds Moderate Poor Good 12 6”
Macaws: - - - - -
----Blue and Gold Loud Great Fair 80 34”
----Catalina Loud Great Fair 80 34”
----Green-winged Loud Great Fair 80 34”
----Harlequin Loud Great Fair 80 34”
----Hyacinth Loud Good Good 80 39”
----Military Moderate Good Good 80 27”
----Scarlet Loud Great Fair 80 34”
Mini Macaws: - - - - -
----Hahn’s Moderate Good Fair 40 12”
----Illeger's Moderate Good Fair 45 16-17”
----Noble Moderate Good Fair 40 14”
----Severe Vocal Good Good 40 19”
----Yellow-Collared Loud Great Fair 40 17”
Meyer's Low Fair Good 28 9”
Parakeets: - - - - -
Alexandrine/Ringneck Loud Very Good Fair 28 23”
----Bourke’s Low Poor Good 12 8”
----Derbyan Loud Great Poor 18 20”
----Lineolated Low good Good 12 6”
----Mustached Moderate Fair Fair 18 12”
----Plum Headed Moderate Good Poor 18 13”
Parrotlets: - - - - -
----Green Rumped Low Fair Fair 20 5”
----Pacific Low Fair Fair 20 5”
----Mexican Low Fair Fair 20 5”
Pionus: - - - - -
----Blue Headed Moderate Poor Fair 40 12”
----Bronze Winged Moderate Fair Poor 40 11”
----Dusky Headed Moderate Poor Poor 40 10”
----Maximilian Moderate Poor Fair 40 12”
----White Capped Moderate Fair Poor 40 9”
Quaker Moderate Good Fair 30 13”
Red-Bellied Low Good Good 23 9”
Senegal Low Good Good 23 9”

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Parrot Species Comparison Chart