What are they?

What kind of finch are they? How much do they go for (want to know if I got ripped off)?

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What kind of parrot is this, please?

by David Merrifield
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

Can anyone help me identify this type of parrot? Green, dark above the beak, green tail. I've spent a couple hours searching about a hundred parrot websites, hundreds of pictures and descriptions, and still haven't found anything that really matches. My Dad, who lives in Guatemala, found this one in a tree in his back garden.

Characteristics seem to be: Almost entirely green with dark/black just above the beak, whitish/beige beak, yellowish underfeathers near the legs, and green tail. Small white circle around the eyes.

The two closest comparisons I've seen are the Yellow-Naped Amazon (has the dark color over the bill, but obviously lacking the yellow nape, or a Mealy Amazon, but lacking the larger white circle around the eyes and two-tone green and yellow tail.

It didn't *seem* terribly exotic on first viewing, but I haven't found a species that quite matches it. Anyone?

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What type am I?

by Julie H.

Her name is Holly

Her name is Holly

I recently adopted a parrot but they didn't know the type. They thought it was 8 or 9 years old. It was an adoption from a small zoo that closed but papers were lost and they couldn't find it's records. I was told it was a female.

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ID Parrot

by Martin Logan
(Pilot Mtn., NC USA)

Hi Folks,

Could anyone tell me the exact species this bird is. He was a gift to me and the people did not know exactly which species he is. Any help would be appreciated.

Martin Logan
Pilot Mtn., NC

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