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Feb 20, 2010
parrot stopped talking
by: Linda

Not sure what to tell you except that he's decided NOT to talk right now. Sometimes bacterial infections or other physical problems start showing themselves by changes in behavior, so not ruling out the physical. If you wish to be sure, and as beautiful as he IS, I'd sure want to be sure he's not sick, you'll need to take him to see an Avian Vet in your area to make sure all is well. It is recommended that all birds go to see Avian vet's at least once a year to be weighed, checked for infections and/or parasites and to have a little basic blood work done to make sure all is well physically.It's also a good time for toenail and beak clipping if needed.

Otherwise, he is now a sexually mature male, which could very well have something to do with talking. Some years ago, I had a talking female like yours, and she became mature and HATED ME as she was jealous of me and husband (she had picked him as her mate (LOL!). I gave her to a breeder friend, and she stopped talking and only whistled and made regular Ringneck sounds. She NEVER said another word after she got with her birdy mate. This may or may not be the same kind of thing. I doubt it though because parrots who learn to talk usually keep talking. I have a 30+ year old Amazon who is still learning new words and songs though he does not seem as interested as he used to be.

So, to sum up, see an Avian Vet so your bird can get a checkup and go from there. This may just be a phase, and he certainly looks very healthy and beautiful. Thanks for the picture and thanks for writing,

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