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Mom's African Grey photo / pictureDee’s Blue Fronted Amazon photo / pictureJulie's Cuban Amazon Parrot photo / pictureAtalantae’s Mexican Red Headed Amazon photo / pictureCourtney's Budgie Parakeet photo / picture

Dawn's Caique photo / PicturesDani’s Goffin’s Cockatoo photo / pictures Sheal's Nanday photo / picturesDani's Sunday and Nanday Conure photo / picturesLisa’s Sun Conure photo / pictures

Portia’s Green Cheek photo / picturesBlue Crown Conure photo / pictures, CocoSun Conure photo / pictures, LouKaren’s Half Moon Conure photo / picturesRebecca's Dusky Conure photo / pictures

Red Sided Eclectus photo / pictures Darren’s Red Fronted Macaw photo / picturesDani's Meyer's Parrot photo / picturesAlexandrine Parakeet photo / pictures, KaseyJulie’s Bronze Winged Pionus photo / pictures, Adrion

Karen’s Budgie Parakeet photo / pictures Jennifer’s Pacific Parrotlet photo / pictures Julie’s Red Bellied Parrot photo / pictures Dee’s Lineolated Parakeet photo / pictures Atalantae’s Peachfaced Lovebird photo / pictures

Dani’s Slatewhite Lovebird photo / pictures Atalantae's Nanday Conure photo / pictures Gigi's Nanday Conure photo / pictures Gigi's Orange Winged Amazon photo / pictures Gigi's Handicapped Budgie Parakeet photo / pictures

Dani’s Blue Pacific Parrotlet photo / pictures Dani's Quaker Parrot photo / pictures Dani's Blue Crown Conure photo / pictures Cliff's Blue Crown Conure photo / pictures Gordon's Fischer's Lovebirds photo / pictures

Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure - Widget photo / pictures Mom's Jardine's Parrot photo / pictures Orange Winged Amazon Photo / Picture - AmySun Conure Photo / Picture

umbrella cockatoo photo / pictures - BarbieBlue and Gold Macaw photo / pictures - mikeMoluccan Cockatoo Photo / Picture - mikeSun Conure Photo / Picture - mikeumbrella cockatoo photo / pictures - Rehab

Sun Conure photo / pictures rehabMale Eclectus Photo / Pictures rehabFemale Eclectus Photo / Picture rehabnanday conure photo / pictures - kim

Dusky Conure photo / pictures AnthonySun Conure Photo / Pictures RobinOrange Winged Amazon Photo / Pictures BereniceGoffins Cockatoo photo / pictures AtalantaeMeyers Parrot Photo / Pictures Christine

Eclectus Parrot photo / pictures OiseauOrange Winged Amazon Parrot photo / pictures Susiespectacled Amazon Parrot photo / pictures AmyRed Factor African Grey Parrot photo / pictures

Bronze Winged Pionus Parrot photo / pictures KaraGreen Cheeked Conure Parrot photo / pictures YvonneCherry Headed Conure Parrot photo / pictures YvonneMexican Red Headed Amazon Picture -  Juli / PhotoPacific Parrotlet Picture and Story - Photo / Atalantae

Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo photo / pictures Rebecca PBrown Throated Conure photo / pictures Yvette Dusky Conure photo / pictures Annie PWhite faced Parrotlets photo / pictures CherylBlue Parrotlets photo / pictures Cheryl

Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo photo / pictures ErfanUmbrella Cockatoo photo / pictures Mel Budgie Parakeet photo / pictures Kiana Puffball Rosey Rainbow Bourkes Parakeet, RoseyBudgie Parakeet picture / Photo - Budgie Parakeet

Jenday Conure Picture / Photo - WillieSenegal Parrot Pictures / Photo - SenegalCherry Headed Conure Picture / Photo - GracieGrass Parakeet picture / Photo - Grass Parakeet

African Grey Picture / Photo - PongoGreen Cheek Conures Pictures / Photo - Ringo and GeorgeSenegal Picture / Photo - PigletIndian Ringneck Parakeet Picture / Photo - Indian Ringnecked Parakeet

Green Cheeked Conure picture / Photo - GumdropHahns macaw - Kiwi / Mini Macaw Hahns Kiwi Sun Conure - Bad Idea story

Conure Picture / StoryGold Cap Conure Picture / Gold Capped Conure photoYellow Peach Faced LovebirdAfrican Grey picture / African Grey Bella

African Picture / StoryCockatiel Picture / Cockatiel photo Noisy Sun Conure Story Peach Face Lovebirds picture / Love Birds photo

Moluccan Cockatoo Picture / StoryLilac Crowned Amazon Picture / StoryHispaniolan Amazon Picture / StoryCherry Headed Conure Picture / Story in Spanish

Blue Crowned Conure Picture / StoryNanday Biting need help Nanday Conure Picture / StoryBudgie Picture / Budgie Story

Senegal Picture / StorySenegal Baby Picture / StoryBudgie Parakeet Picture / StoryRed Bellied Parrot Picture / Story

Lovebirds Picture / StoryParrotlet Picture / StoryYellow Sided Green Cheek Conure Picture / StoryAfrican Grey Picture / Story

Blue and Gold Macaw Picture / StorySun Conure Picture / StoryNanday Conure Picture / StoryQuaker Parrot Story

A Cockatoo Rescue StorySunday Conure Picture / StoryQuaker Parrot in Tree Picture / StoryQuaker Parrot Picture / Story

Parrots in Hawaii Picture / Story African Grey StoryEclectus Parrot Picture / StoryAustralian King Parrot Picture / Story

Senegal Parrot Picture / StoryPatagonian Conure Picture / StorySun Conure Picture / StoryYellow Nape Amazon Picture / Story

Goffins Cockatoo Picture / StoryGreen Cheek Conure Picture / StoryPeach Faced Lovebirds Picture / StoryAfrican Grey Picture / Story

Female Eclectus Picture / StoryLilac Crowned Amazon Picture / StoryGoffin's Cockatoo Picture / StoryMoluccan Cockatoo Story

Green Cheeked Conures Picture / StoryAfrican Grey Sun Conure StoryParakeets Picture / StorySenegal Baby Picture / Story

Firey Shoulder and Green Cheeked Conure Picture / StoryCockatiel Picture / StorySun Conure "Flashy" StoryBlue Parrotlet Picture / Story

Orange Winged Amazon Baby Picture / StoryDouble Yellow Headed Amazons Picture / StoryRescued African Grey Picture / StoryRed Belly killed StoryRed Lored Amazon in love with a Cockatoo

Blue Fronted Amazon lost and foundDusky Conure StoryNew Sun Conure StoryNanday Jenday Conure Hybrid cross breed

Jenday Conure picture / photoYS Green Cheek Quaker KayteeYellow Naped Amazon picture / photo

Cockatiel picture / photoLutino Cockatiel CockatielLovebirds picture / photo

Neglected Eclectus Picture / Story Buggie Budgie Quaker EinsteinSenegal Picture / Story

AG Smokey

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