Parrot Swollen Eyes

by Shar
(Orlando, Fl USA)

One of his eyes, both are the same

One of his eyes, both are the same

I recently was given a parrot, I am not sure what kind it is. I noticed this morning when i went to feed him t hat his eyes were swollen and watery looking. He or she keeps scratching it and it looks like is has little scrapes on the skin around his eye. I read some info on diseases it could be but I am not sure really what to do. Please help me out. Thanks

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Apr 06, 2011
african grey died
by: km

my african parrot died this morning and was told it has infectious corzya. in tanzania we dont know about avian vets and he had the same swelling around the eyes and would not eat or drink last three days. what could be the cause. I feel have lost a family member. he used to talk a lot

Mar 13, 2011
Sick African Grey Timneh
by: Anonymous

My African Gray Timneh shows signs of being sick. He has watery eys, has not vocalized in a few days but is eating and drinking.

Editor's note: Take your bird to an avian vet. Also, please do not answer a person's question with your question. Please post your question as a new question if you want an answer.

Apr 22, 2010
Swollen eyes on parrot
by: The Avian Vet

This is a serious condition and needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian immediately. This could be caused by an infection, an allergy, poor nutrition, or even by being too closed to a full spectrum light.

Dr B

Apr 21, 2010
Parrot Swollen Eyes
by: Linda

Your bird is very sick and must be taken into an Avian Vet as soon as is possible like yesterday. When getting new birds from anywhere, it is always a great idea to have them checked out at an Avian Vet to make sure they are free from infection, parasites or other physical problems.

DO NOT USE ANY OVER THE COUNTER MEDS OR HOME REMEDIES AS THEY CAN AND DO KILL BIRDS EVERYDAY. Take her to an Avian vet in your driving area, and I know Florida has enough Avian Vets so you should be able to find one in the yellow pages. DO NOT TAKE BIRD TO A REGULAR VET AS THEY ARE NOT LICENSED TO DIAGNOSE OR TREAT BIRDS. Some regular vets have Avian Vets on staff, so you can ask but keep your bird away from dog and cat vets as they don't know how to treat parrots and make matters worse.

Let us know what the vet had to say, and move quickly on this as birds will not just get over an infection without diagnosis and meds prescribed by an Avian Vet. In fact, if left to go on long enough birds stop eating, drinking and die, so take this seriously and get her in somewhere quickly.

Thanks for writing in and hope all goes well with your little one.


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