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Below are helpful parrot training articles that have either been written by me, our members, or others that we have found useful.

Parrot Training Articles List by Topic:

General Articles

African Greys Chronic Egg Laying Full Spectrum Lights for Birds

Parrots' Health Recall Training Switching Birds To Pellets

Switching Budgies to Pellets Teach Birds to Talk Trip with Birds

Unweaned Baby Parrots Should I get another green cheek conure story

Bird Screaming Problems

Screaming Birds #1 Screaming Birds #2
Stop Screaming Course

Biting Problems

Biting Parrots Answer for Biting GC Conure Stop Bird Biting Free Trial

Bird Plucking and Feather Destruction Problems

Feather Plucking Bird Plucking

Feather Plucking African Grey Bird Chewing Feathers

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