Parrot traps feet in closing door

by Roy Edwards

I hae a wonderful 7 mth old Yellow Headed Amazon who has become very attached to me and is getting more and more chatty

I have not had his wings clipped and intend to allow him to fly around the house when I am around (he is destructive when left alone)

On Saturday he flew across the house and landed on top of one of our wooden doors which then closed on his feet

He obviously hurt himself as I have never seen him get so agressive, and certainly not with me. He puffed himself up as much as he could and sat on a pirch and lunged at me for a couple of hours - He then calmed down and went back to normal until today (the following monday evening) when I picking him up off my shoulder to get him to stand on my hand - I must have agrivated the injury as he has become agressive again

My question is, should I take him to a vets for a check up? Is there anything that can be done, or should I just be extra careful with him, and will the injury heal itself

He stands on his perch ok and hangs upside down in his case - I am guessing he is bruised on the top of his claws?

No visible damage to his feet or obvious swelling

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Jun 12, 2011
Thanks for the Feedback
by: Roy Edwards

Thank you to everyone who offered advise

Ralph (like Fiennes) is not doing great - No damage to his feet and he has just turned 1 year old

He is still flying around the house, but now comes to me when I call him
He does like to chew the wood, but I am working on stopping that

We are about to go on holiday for a week, so he is going in a local avian vets boarding for 10 days.He's only been away from me for 2 days since I have owned him - Interesting to see how he behaves on my return

We are about to get two kittens (the wifes pets) Does anyone have any advise on integrating cats into a house with a Parrot?



Mar 28, 2011
Wing clipping Good or bad
by: Roy Edwards

Dear all
Ralph my yellow headed amazon is 100% healthy and now back to his usual happy self He is trying it on with being territorial in his cages (we have two houses and he travels with me of a weekend between them)

I am getting conflicting reports about Wing clipping, some in favour and some against

I have been told not to clip his wings until he is 2 and possibly not then Flying is a great exercise for parrots and for those breeds who have a tendency to get over weigh, something not to be discouraged

I would appreciate your thoughts collectively



Mar 15, 2011
Parrot traps feet in closing door
by: Linda

Take your bird to avian vet to make sure bones are not broken in feet and have wings clipped. Just have the 6 long primary flight feathers clipped, and they are on the ends of each wing and are the long ones. Do not clip up any higher as this causes chronic pain and cripples bird.

Your bird will be killed or severely injured flying all over the house. What just happened is a minor injury compared to what can happen to him.


Mar 15, 2011
Parrot flying free in house
by: Tracie

I can't tell if your bird needs the injury to be seen by an avian vet or not. If he is perching okay and otherwise acting fine, I suspect he is going to be fine.

He probably does hurt, and has a brain like a child, and he associates the pain with you when you touch the sore spot. Since he can't talk and say owwee, stop touching me there, he gets aggressive.

There is a MAJOR problem with you allowing your bird to fly around your house, unless you make the room he flies around in bird safe.

You must remove everything that may harm your bird from the room. Your bird could die just from curiously beaking a picture frame, statue or other item that is either painted with toxic paint or is a toxic metal.

I know of one bird that landed on a picture frame, the frame fell and somehow the bird fell with the frame and the frame broke his bones. He died before the person could get him to an avian vet.

Please make sure there are not doors to the outside in your bird room. The one time you forget to lock the door, someone will go in or out and your bird might escape and be lost forever.

Anyway, please do some research on bird rooms before you allow your bird out again. All metal and paint is suspect, unless you know for sure what they are made of.

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