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Aug 13, 2015
It's Okay
by: Tony

Since your bird is a baby, its feathers will molt and they will pluck them. Imagine like you're waxing hair off of your body. It hurts to remove the hair and you feel a little pain afterwards cause the hair follicle is sore from having its hair ripped out. You baby bird might twitch and jitter a lot because, like having loose teeth, loose feathers are uncomfortable. When you shower your bird, the quills soften and become easier for your bird manage BUT you SHOULD NOT bathe your bird more than once every 3 days. Birds have dust on their feathers that needs to be there, and if you wash them too often, they cant prodice it fast enough and they die.

Jun 05, 2013
Plucking and twitching
by: Kel an cass

Hi we have just bought a baby conga african grey, she is 14weeks old and has been with us 2weeks now how ever she has started plucking and also we have noticed her twitching as if something is giving her a shock , she is not stressed or bored as she has plenty of toys and we play with her all the time , we also give her a shower every couple of days to try to stop the plucking , please can anyone help . Kelly x

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