parrot wants to breed with me

by angie
(murfreesboro tn)

My 8 year old yellow naped amazon who bonded to me and prefers me over anyone else in the family, suddenly wants to breed...with me and it's disturbing. Whenever I hold her she assumes the position and makes a crying noise.

It's different then when I would hold and pet her before. It's not an "i'm comfortable" noise. It's intense and her tail is up and it's gross. Even when I am close to the cage she tries to get me to hold her and then that's what she does. She also does this in her food dish and it is disturbing and it makes me not really want to hold her.

I feel bad for her. I know she wants to be a mommy bird, but I don't want to introduce a male because I know they mate/bond for life and I don't want 2 birds and she wouldnt like me if she bonded to a male. What should I do?

She hasn't laid any eggs, but her private opens and closes when her tails in the air and she's making that noise and I'm sorry to be graphic, but I just want her to stop it. Seriously, what do people do? will she stop doing this, or is this the new her from now on??

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Dec 12, 2016
Male parrot wants to breed with me
by: Dennis Vareide

We went to a nice and big pet shop. We saw this yellow, black and green beautiful parrot inside a big cage with a lot of other parrots. We wanted a girl. We asked the one who had the job in the shop if it was a girl. Of course he said yes.. Weeks after, the parrot went blue on the sides of hes face.. We were a little betrayed. 3 months after, he went crazy..! Like.. every single day he leans he`s but right on my hand and scream.. Like wtf?? How do i stop it??

Apr 25, 2014
breeding seaon
by: Anonymous

my bird is doing all the same things that have been talked about on this site, except the fact that my yellow naped amazon, which is about 30?, is doing the hole butt in the air with noises and all even trough the winter? she even laid an egg back in like December/ January, which cracked and I removed it. and now april she just laid 2 within 2 days. honestly she is covered up with a sheet all the time expect maybe 8 hours of daylight and even cold temps. with seed and peanut diet and occasionally apples, and pasta. can you help with this??

Aug 20, 2013
my African Grey
by: paula

My African Grey, also does this, we thought she was a male until she laid four eggs, and just before she laid them, I remember how loving she had become, which was unusual for her, if I laid back in the armchair she would come near to me making cute noises, I loved her being this way, she would cuddle for a while,and she kept on putting her tail upwards,then soon after she laid an egg, when she was chilling on a cushion between my feet,the egg rolled to one side, only then did I realize why she was loving me, I feel sure that buying her a nice new cage triggered her off wanting to have chicks, she is now trying again but I am wise to her and I do not encourage her, I tell her no eggs, it is so sad in her own habitat she would have been able to do what comes naturally, life is cruel, I shopped around trying to get a fertile egg for her, but no luck, it is natural for a lonely Parrot to bond with there owner, just don't encourage this behavior one has to be cruel to be kind...

Jan 19, 2012
Help stop bird that wants to breed
by: Tracie

Some people have had success with limiting the amount of daylight their birds have. If you can put the bird in a travel cage at night, and put her in a dark room it might help.

What you are trying to do is mimic winter daylight hours. Birds typically breed in spring, so by limiting the hours of light in their day, you might can turn off the breeding cycle.

An avian vet visit is still a good choice, just to make sure this is what is going on. Also, if you are not feeding 80% high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush pellets, she could become egg bound due to a lack of nutrition if she starts laying eggs.

Jan 18, 2012
parrot wants to breed with me
by: Linda

First, you have a misconception about birds and maybe other animals as well. None of them "want to be Mommies" because breeding to birds and animals is not even close to the big deal humans make out of it. Only humans think they have to have kids whether they're really wanted or not. Birds and other animals do not think like this. Raising young is a biological function to make sure the species survives. All the stuff humans attach to this biological function causes many problems for our species. Anyone can have a child, it is raising that child that is the hard part.

I do understand this is making you uncomfortable, and my very strong suggestion is that you take her to an Avian Vet immediately to be evaluated as to why she is behaving this way all the time. I've had many both male and female parrots, and it has never been this bad, so there may be more going on here than you think. If the urinary tract is irritated from a kidney infection, bird thinks you can stop the pain, so she keeps doing this.

Have her checked right away by an Avian Vet and have them check for infection and do some basic bloodwork to see how organs, especially kidneys are functioning. If she is clear of infection or other physical problems, then discuss with Avian Vet how best to proceed.

Keep us posted and thanks for writing,
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