Parrot with broken leg

by Giovanni

Three days ago a wild rose-ringed parakeet landed on my terrace after being attacked by a crow, she - I think its a female- had a broken leg and a few bleeding wounds on the chest. I cleaned the wounds best I could and placed some antibiotic cream.

After checking with a few bird associations I took it to a vet, apparently the leg is broken in an upper part, where it is hard to immobilize. The bird is now eating and has become relatively tame, staying comfortably on my arm eating from my hands and not biting.

Still, it looks rather miserable, not being able to place weight on one leg and being generally very quiet. I was wondering if the leg could heal on its own - this is what the vet suggested, although she is not an expert on birds - or if it is likely to develop infections. Any advice? thanks!

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May 24, 2015
Wild parakeet with broken leg
by: Tracie

If you can find an avian vet, it would be best to have the bird treated, in my opinion. It could have internal injuries, and yes could end up with an infection.

If you don't know of an avian vet, you might look up a parrot breeder in your area. A good breeder will be very helpful in suggesting care tips and a good vet to help.

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