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I have had a Parrotlet for 10 years now and have been giving him tomato sometimes 2 x's a day.(for at least 9 years) He loves them. Several years back his droppings changed.

I took him to the avian vet and he said that as long as the dropping had the different components (the dark part and white part) he was not worried.

His droppings are watery and he basically squirts them out. It makes for a messy cage but he seems fine.

I have been reading that it is not the best idea to give birds tomato. Should I discontinue to give them to him? He never gets the stems or leaves just organic or pesticide free tomato.

I have been reading from some of the birds groups that this is something that should be given to birds on a treat type basis.

I would appreciate your advice. Thank-you so much. I just want to do what is best for my little guy. But, he does LOVE his tomato.

Jean R.

Ike Parrotlet

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Feb 18, 2008
Can birds eat tomatoes?
by: The Vet

It is OK to feed tomatoes as a treat, even a couple of times per day will not be a problem. What is more important is what you feed him as a regular diet.

You should be feeding Harrison's pellets, which should make up 80% of the diet. The remaining 20% can be any treat that you want to give.

Treats you should not feed are avocado, chocolate, foods with lots of sugar, salt or fat, and no alcohol or caffeine.

If you feed your bird as described here, he will not have watery droppings. Watery droppings are not normal and can be because of his diet, or it can be a physiological problem.

Watery droppings can also be caused by bacterial infections. If your bird is drinking from a water dish instead of a bottle, then his exposure and chance of infection are high.

Your veterinarian should do some blood work, cultures and a urinalysis given your bird's symptoms. If he did not, then you need to go back or seek a second opinion.

Dr. B

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