Parrotlet Beak Problem

Hi There, I got a baby parrotlet about months ago from a breeder. When I got him home I noticed he had a beak injury. It looked like another bird had bitten him on his beak and mayeb jsut about the cere? He had a little half moon shape on his beak. There was a bit of dried blood and scabby.
Well I didnt think to ask her about it. So I thought I would see how he woudl do. Few weeks later it had healed fine.

Recently I have noticed that he would scratch his face on both sides of his beak on his perch. I started to notice he had lost a little bit of feathers around his beak not very noticable unless you are holding him close to you. He also has what appears to be dry crusty look to his cere and underneath it looks to be peeling and red, with slight scabbing.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with him? I feed him nothign but the best food. I give him lots of veggies a variety of seeds to suit his diet. Im wondering what this is? mites? This is the first bird I have had a problem with. its nothing serious right now. BUt I definatly dont want it to get worse. Hes only a baby and I woudl hate to loose him.
Any ideas?

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Sep 12, 2011
Beak problem
by: Tracie

I think it would be best to Find an Avian Vet for your bird. It might have a disease that will just get worse, and only an in person visit with an avian vet will give you the answer and solution for helping your bird.

It is never normal for a bird to lose feathers in a place that you can see a bare spot where the feathers were. Crusty areas are always something a vet needs to look at. It is unlikely mites, and if it is do NOT purchase products from the pet store, again get something safe from your avian vet.

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