Parrotlet birthing

by Bob

How long does it take for a parrotlet t give birth after the day of conceiving

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Feb 28, 2012
Parrots don't "conceive"
by: Tracie

Birds to "conceive" like humans. If your bird is gavid (with egg) and a male breeds with her, then the egg will be fertile. But many birds lay eggs without a male even being present, they just lay infertile eggs. When a bird is gavid, she lays the egg about every other day.

If you have a male and female bird, then please separate them and do NOT allow them to breed until you are ready for all the expense and risks of breeding birds. Some birds do not feed their birds, and you have to take care of the babies 24/7. Some females become egg bound, because they are not eating a high quality pellet diet, like Harrison's or Roudybush and they die trying to lay an egg.

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