Parrotlet diarrhea

by Kyle

Hi my parrotlet has recently developed a diarrhea. I haven't changed her diet and she feeds on a seed based diet. I change her cage frequently, has fresh water every day and is not in a hazardous place. What can I do?

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Mar 16, 2010
Parrotlet diarrhea
by: Linda

Yes, your bird is sick with a bacterial infection most likely though it could also be a viral one. He will become dehydrated shortly if not already from loss of fluids.

The all seed diet is bereft of basic nutrition and is full of carbs and fats. Birds nor people can live on that kind of a diet, so you need to take your bird into an Avian Vet to be examined, diagnosed and treated for whatever infection he has. I would wait on any vaccinations until bird is well from infection. Vaccinations bring the immune system to a very low point, and if already sick, this can be a possible death sentence. It is the same with dogs and cats. A sick animal or bird needs NO vaccinations until well. Talk with your vet about what vaccinations for what are available and table the actual vaccinations until your bird is 100% well and on a decent diet to bring his immune system back to normal.

Parrotlets are way too small to allow this loss of fluids to go on for any length of time, and many are lost because of an infection that could have been treated if only the bird had been taken in for treatment sooner. Please do not delay as your bird's life hangs in the balance.

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Mar 15, 2010
Parrotlet with runny poop
by: Tracie

I am sorry, but Dr B can not help your bird, because it needs to be seen in person by an avian vet.

First of all, a mostly seed diet is not healthy and will cause your bird to die an early death. Please switch your bird to an 80% pellet diet soon. Dr B has a Switching Birds to Pellets article you can read for help doing that.

If your bird has not been vaccinated for Polyomavirus, then you may bring that in on your shoes or clothing and infect your bird. Birds need to be seen by an avian vet yearly for an exam and vaccine. (

If you need help finding an avian vet, besides the the ones suggested by our readers, there are links to other sites where you can do a search.

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