Parrotlet Gnaws at Foot, Loss of Circulation Due to Kidney Tumour

by Matthew Dallas
(Flagstaff, AZ, U.S.A.)

This bird is a rescue from an abandoned home. Due to an unbalanced diet, this bird ended up with a tumor on his kidney cutting off circulation to his leg. It is not a tumor on the liver because the chirp is not shrill or harsh. The tumor is said to reduce with a lean healthy diet, which I have begun with a mixture of dark greens, carrot, rice, and egg (shell included).

I am looking for tips on this before the leg dies. In the event of limb death, what is the chance of survival for this bird? He can still fly, and is active. There has not been a loss of plumage. He uses the leg to climb but favors the other leg when standing or sleeping. He takes three or four naps per day. I apologize, but I am unable to post a picture with this. I am hopeful for a reply, as there are no avian vets in our town and we live up in the mountains.

The standard vet cannot help, as the employees know only cats and dogs, one knows only the basics about birds, but not enough to diagnose this other than a loss of circulation. Unfortunately, there is a vet at the animal emergency hospital, but the cost is a few hundred dollars, which we are unable to access for two weeks for a paycheck). When you get the chance, please take a moment to respond to this with any advice you can think of. Thank you so much!

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Oct 11, 2012
Parrotlet Gnaws at Foot, Loss of Circulation Due to Kidney Tumour
by: Linda

First of all, you have to find an AVIAN VET ONLY because as you've seen dog and cat vets know nothing about birds and are not licensed to diagnose or treat them.

Your bird will die on the diet you have it on, and it will also die if the tumor is not removed from the kidney.

Find an avian vet quickly as time is running out for this bird. Amputation of the legs is the first step in this bird's death, and believe me your bird is in a great deal of agony. Every moment is pain and suffering for it.

Find an Avian Vet to see whether the tumor is removable. In the meantime, start feeding high quality baby parrot handfeeding formula which will be easy to digest. This would be fed several times a day using a bent spoon with sides sanded down or with a syringe.RodyBush is a good handfeeding formula and is found here and in pet shops who carry bird supplies. If you don't get this bird onto a healthy diet, it will die from lack of protein, vitamins and minerals none of which are being supplied by the diet you are feeding. If anything your diet is too rich for a bird with kidney damage and is making things worse.

Your bird is dying, and you must find an avian vet. No online vet will be able to help you because bird has to be seen and tested in person. A soft tissue image(not an xray) will have to be done to see where, exactly tumor is and if it is operable. If not, the bird has to be humanely euthanized to get it out of its suffering.

Let us know what avian vet has to say, and please don't write back that you cannot find one. Find one and drive however long you have to so this bird can receive the kind of medical services it needs. Make no mistake about it, your bird is in the worst pain you could imagine, and the longer you wait, the more suffering you are putting on this innocent creature who has done nothing wrong to deserve such a fate.

For future reference unless you have an avian vet, you cannot have birds of any kind especially the poor rescues who are both physically and mentally debilitated. Your heart is in the right place, now get the mind to begin thinking about what needs to be done to either save this bird or get it out of its pain and agony.

Find an Avian Vet link

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