parrotlet in seizure??

by Theresa
(Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada)

My green parrotlet comes from a reputable breeder, and was fine when we brought him home at the beginning of the summer. About a month later, he started to constantly shake uncontrollably...almost like a palsy. Then he started having what I can only describe as seizures. He becomes completely rigid, with his legs drawn up to his chest, and his feet look paralysed. I take him out of his cage, and hold him in my hand, keeping him warm under a blanket or sweater. During this time I can feel his little body vibrating like he's straining against something. These usually last 10 - 15 minutes, and when he comes out of it, it's instantaneous, and he's struggling to get out of my hand. Does he possibly have a vitamin deficiency, or is it more likely a neurological problem?? We don't have an avian vet in our area to take him to for tests. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Oct 25, 2010
Parrotlet having seizures
by: Tracie

I am sorry, but you will have to drive to an avian vet to get your question answered. It would be like asking a doctor online if your child has strep or just a sore throat, how can he tell? Or if a lump is cancer? How can a doctor tell you without tests?

You need to know exactly what is wrong in order to treat it properly. If you treat for the wrong thing, then the real problem will just get worse and you may even cause different symptoms so that when you finally take the bird to a vet it takes more tests to figure out what is wrong.

If your bird is not eating an 80% healthy pellet diet, not the colored junk, then it could be a nutritional problem. But again, who knows without testing?

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